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We are a talented team of estimators and managers expert at providing fast, detailed, accurate, cost-effective takeoffs for successful bids and projects. We customize our deliverables to your standards and specifications.


Juniper Construction Services was founded in 2013 with the mission to provide unique, cost-efficient, on-demand, high-quality estimating and take-off services to support our clients so that they can grow their businesses. Since then we have served clients across the US and Canada, integrating with their in-house staff to build a powerhouse team that takes advantage of what the in-house teams and our team each do best. We now offer additional technology and data services to our clients to further support their growth.


We are a team of architects, project managers, estimators, technologists, data analysts, and business process fanatics with a demonstrated track record of success for projects both large and small. We offer sound business practices, open communication, and effective management to ensure that nothing gets lost in translation or falls through the cracks. 

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M/WBE Certified

This accreditation validates that a business is at least 51 percent owned, controlled, operated, and managed by a woman or women, or member of the BIPOC community.



  • We have done thousands of drywall take-offs for projects in the commercial, residential, government, medical, hospitality, and infrastructure sectors.

  • Led by an experienced technologist and project manager, we know how to gauge your needs and adapt our deliverables seamlessly into your processes so that we are an integral part of your team, not an extra complication or add-on.​

  • We offer the low cost and speed of overseas outsourcing with the personalized care of a US-based account manager.

  • We tailor our deliverables specifically to fit your pricing approach, budget, and desired outcomes.

  • Our custom online project management tool lets you log in anytime to view your queue, re-arrange delivery dates or priorities, and view billable hours to track progress and manage costs and budget in real-time.


Our team provides the detailed and accurate take-offs you need to scope and price successful bids. We're experts in the complete drywall scope - identifying wall types, ceiling types, conditions, etc. per your exact standards. We use On-Screen Takeoff and BlueBeam, but can learn your specific take-off software as well.


We offer data entry, payroll processing, and data analysis to further support your ability to project costs and overhead. We help you enter data into spreadsheets or your cloud-based databases and tools (ie CRMs, timesheet trackers, etc.), we cleanse and maintain your data to ensure your reports are accurate, and we run reports/analyses on data you may have housed in multiple databases to provide you with an integrated view of your business.


Don't have in-house technical resources to evaluate and implement a CRM, project management software, data analytics tool, or other technology for you? We can do that - we help you find off-the-shelf solutions that fit your budget and requirements. We also build and manage the implementation team to take you from start to finish quickly. We have deep experience in Salesforce and Tableau, but can work with you as a technical lead in any technology project, making sure you maximize your ROI on that investment.


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